How to effectively address and keywords analysis

How to effectively address and keywords analysis

September 9, 2017 gmgroinyygii 0

, the 1 key words to do a good job of classification

from conventional to determine, a website is the most basic framework, and we do pay more attention to the optimization of the frame structure, because you need to also show a direction of your keywords. I need this net station station Heiner words in particular, because the column itself very much, so very wide selection of keywords. However, how to layout is directly related to the website optimization effect, our task is to do the analysis of keywords, keyword optimization, to meet the needs of users search.

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3, back to the beginning of said flow of words, why do you consider it, because an effect we should strictly grasp the weights of the website, we started in the new site, from some edge for the flow of words to consider, because these are directly related to the effectiveness of, and is the site weight lifting.

analysis and selection of keywords, is very harsh, because you want to analyze it too much, here roughly introduces two aspects: one is competitive, two is effective. What is the competitive analysis of competition ability by the big, up to whether their optimization. The effectiveness is that can bring effective results, the general results are divided into the product sales and service success etc.. So, how to do effective analysis of the keyword

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to do a plan for the industry, do some refinement of the structure, to a certain extent to mark important and non important vocabulary, that is to say the difference between words and words of the direct conversion of flow. We all know that the keyword is composed of keywords that target keywords, and the long tail keywords, for the target keywords, we are doing, competitiveness is relatively large, so it is difficult to do. So I’m going to pick out a few key words to do the main, to do this a few more in line with the needs of users to search keywords, and then do the other keywords, so you can grasp the key words from the whole, improve the site’s weight.

2, according to user needs

entered the medical industry for a long time, has also done various sections of the website keywords, more will more or less contact. Here today, I will introduce some insights in recent years for the keywords, and hope that friends to point out the questions I present.

I think the key is to let the user keyword search can be satisfied with the answer, rather than what is virtual, not really want information, that is a waste of time for users, but also wasted a lot of resources, but to do is doing classified information, classified information are some unnecessary advertising, advertising too much, will let users feel disgusted, leading to no longer believe in this virtual network, you still have to do so man proposes the optimization will focus on how to optimize the key words, don’t do some futile

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