Love Shanghai search engine spiders crawling and grab the working principle of Shanghai Longfeng opt

Love Shanghai search engine spiders crawling and grab the working principle of Shanghai Longfeng opt

September 9, 2017 nhrithpipweh 0


around the main search engine and index decomposition theory, various aspects of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and site personnel more fully understand the spider crawling and indexing techniques of relevant knowledge, better for Shanghai Longfeng optimization and website program staff how to do a spider crawling and indexing we love website. (today we first around the theme interpretation crawling spider crawling theory): 1: first understand the spider crawling feature is mainly the "fast" "" "", it will introduce his spider principle, I believe we all know, can be likened to the spider in real life, the spider crawling to spider web, the spider web can understand the Internet. He is all site to form a very large Internet, we want to know that the spider crawling quickly grab your love as much as possible in the station Pay attention to the article page template / list / simple and user experience.

2: features: a spider crawling principle is depth first, the other is a breadth first: (1) we can understand why the depth first: imaging children just learning to walk before must first crawl, climb the path grew tired and even climbed half tired to rest on the back, then we think of the site list the Road King / very long words such as half spider climb away, what all don’t take time to go. (the above mentioned spider crawling a feature of "fast" in this era of rapid development of what is fast, efficiency, results, when you climb half a day on the website did not find content than other sites that spider climb) (2) the other is a breadth first: This is easier to understand the same level page spider love content first crawl crawl.

(2): the path for the website site when dynamic address can we set static to crawling speed: "web site directory structure can be set into a logical path short" by the pseudo static regular, does not exist "flat structure" for example: a/b/c/123.html for physical path displays by setting the pseudo static rules the false logic > /abc-123.html

3: fast lead spider: Shanghai dragon chain optimization specialist resources we choose some high weight /IP users / love Shanghai every day snapshot / not delete this platform some websites let love Shanghai I know this website has been built, a lot of people vote the score for the website, (vote scores the more the better. That site wide exposure) tell you love Shanghai spiders come crawling my site.

4: duplicate content detection: when the station (note {for dynamic address (static) for the optimization of URL diameter is more important for short)} (1): static and dynamic address we can understand simple repetitive content tests such as a dynamic page entrance link (URL) such as different address points to a place you will feel the spider, the dynamic page entrance so many repetitive links (URL) address that link does not know (URL) address you want to let him feel the spider crawling, grabbing consumption for me for a long time, do not want to grab.

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