The search engine and web site the difference attracts similar repulsion below

The search engine and web site the difference attracts similar repulsion below

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    we can search many times on the Internet, search out after the title of the website shows that many are the same, the main reason for this situation is the webmaster friends lazy and now have part of the webmaster for the early completion of the target site, so smart, others to copy the title of the site, at last minor changes to copy out the title, such as a weight of the product website, his original title is: weight loss drug – weight loss methods – weight loss family welcome, and after minor modifications after the title was: _ method for weight loss diet pills to lose weight _ home to greet you. Is this the site title can also cause search engines to pay attention to? If I is the search engine, so this site directly in limbo without demur.

    six, the website chain cross, the search engine can only choose the right down

    a "search engine and web site: the difference attracts similar repulsion (in)" introduces the difference of site outside the chain and column, and similar problems relevant to the webmaster friends, today finally write a search engine on the site towards the problem of difference and similarity the hope that through these three pieces of content you set up the correct idea out of the station, station errors.

    enlightenment: Although site more easily. The station group management software has gradually increased, but when we import and export chain website must pay attention to the "degree" of the control, such as > I suggest

    now set up a web site is easy, so it caused a chain of circular cross section of the site, the site of several Links basically is that search engine as like as two peas, how to understand, the website program, source code as well, even the most basic site Links are as like as two peas, do you create a website is as like as two peas? If this is the search engine can only choose K off, but the content of your site is not the same, which makes the search engine is very difficult, so a large number is right down the website was born, we can see from the website of the friends of the chain bring cross only is a tragedy.

    five, the title of the website is similar, unable to determine the

    revelation: the search engine is in need of innovation, difference, we can imagine the Internet had already presented such content, and when you add to this, as for the search engines is a waste, would have eaten at noon today again in the evening to eat Double cooked pork slices, you won’t feel tired Double cooked pork slices? The use of the same in the search engine, which is a waste, and the search engine to worry is the waste, so they tend to like the title of the site behind take no notice of the situation, the webmaster is a big loss.

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