The FLASH website to Shanghai Dragon

The FLASH website to Shanghai Dragon

September 10, 2017 fxcbhyzvatkx 0


two, with two level domain name for Shanghai dragon

two directory was set up in FTP, the best way to do the full directory name. For example, when the projector sales sites, we can put the name of the directory is set to "touyingji", then we can do such a link on the home page "< a; href=" 贵族宝贝 target=" domain name /touyingji" _blank" > HTML < /a> version of the entrance;". So, you can use the two directories to do rankings. We can install a set of open source, in two directories such as dreams, WORDPRESS etc.. The installation program set the template, the necessary content after you can start ranking. Of course, as the pre planning, layout and other things to do, this is a part of the Shanghai dragon.

really do not want to make changes to the original FLASH website, the >

, a two level directory of Shanghai dragon

may have some friends will ask, two directories will get a good ranking? The answer is yes! If you are interested in the word of love in Shanghai can search for "Shanghai dragon". You can see the Shanghai dragon WHY Shanghai dragon forum ranking is very good, we can see that Shanghai dragon WHY Shanghai dragon forum URL it is a level two directory.

mentioned above, the FLASH website, the search engine is almost impossible to grab. Then we can take some ways to let search engines crawl. The first way is to use the website two directory. This method has two premise, the first is to do a HTML link on the home page, so the search engine crawlers can smoothly enter two directory. The second is to enter the FTP, can only connect to the website of FTP, to establish the two level directory.

currently many websites, especially business sites are very love blindly pursue the visual effect. In order to achieve the visual effect, at the cost of tens of thousands of pieces of making a full FLASH website. Although appears to meet the visual effect, but in fact will bring some trouble to post promotion. Take the Shanghai dragon, Dongguan Shanghai dragon tide has received many common sites like this, is that some customers bring a full FLASH website, I want to ask how Shanghai dragon. In fact, FLASH is not very friendly to search engines, reached almost impossible to grab it. However, sites like this really can not be Shanghai dragon? Not necessarily! How it should be for Shanghai dragon? FLASH? It is not possible, because it took so much money to do out of the site, now want to give up all, they must bear. The FLASH website to Shanghai dragon



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