Shanghai Longfeng novice to do what every day

Shanghai Longfeng novice to do what every day

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Shanghai Longfeng novice every day will be very confused do not know what work should be done, do not know how to arrange the time reasonably, not only a waste of time and work efficiency is not high, so each stationmaster needs to work every day to do a reasonable plan, then according to adjust and arrange the working hours of the day to do a reasonable. A qualified webmaster.


need to update the site every day, if you are Adsense is the Commissioner of the chain, the website content on the day you need to update, as for the number of articles updated daily to set, according to the needs of the site for the time, not more than two hours; as for the chain of distribution, need to spend three hours a day the time to raise resources, such as forum account, forum and other resources, with the accumulation of the chain resources will be more and more time;

check whether the site was down the right keywords, the most direct way is to view the site rankings, so webmaster every time you want to organize a keyword to the optimization of the rankings, then keywords every day to checks some main keywords and channel page ranking, so that last week’s website recently;

4, Links view site:

website will be updated daily articles, and yesterday updated article have included, even if included how the quality? Adsense every day to carry on the statistics of the collected papers and ranking, and then not included in the article to re edit, in order to better optimize not ranked keywords; then is the reverse link, YAHOO now do not support the chain query, so check out through the webmaster tools just off how much love marine domain, effective related domain was collected at the day’s

6, enter the keyword of the website statistics:

1, see included in the site and the reverse link:

The search engine

2, every day to see website IIS log:

view the IIS log, to analyze the website of the latest situation by returning the different status codes, can also see the search engine is love which pages, analysis of search engine website access frequency, analysis of whether the site has a dead link, the analysis server whether there have been failures, visible to view the IIS log is to be done, because different status code will return to tell us what needs to be done to modify the site.

5, update the site outside the chain:

because Links in site is K would be timely removed, will be linked to their own website, if any link removed, not timely removal to the website of the other side to do single link, so the owners need to check every day are Links situation;


3, website ranking:

each site should have a your own web site keywords table, statistics and statistics from the keyword search engine into the site can not only observe the user’s search.

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