Shanghai Longfeng sprocket manage your blog group

Shanghai Longfeng sprocket manage your blog group

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is one-way. See figure, the blog is a one-way link down, finally form a circle. So, you don’t have to be smart, or to spend a lot of thought into two or more. At the end of this paper, you can add a word, such as "the * * * * Please keep the offer," and similar statements, "* * * *" chain on your B blog address. "* * * *" may be your site keywords or name of your B blog. However, I think it is better to B blog. If you really focus on


communicate with colleagues, out of the concept of chain. Of course, this is not our own invention, but imported from abroad. Its name is English (Link Wheels, Shanghai dragon) as its concept, the following picture. It is easy to understand.

we can find the picture with 5 or third party blog space for example, every blog have your site links, and these 5 blogs, according to the order (not necessarily in order, if you are Shanghai Longfeng Laoniao, you can put the weight by high to low order shoot) a chain.

with A, B, C, for example 3: if your blog published an article with your site article in A (blog article keywords anchor text links or other), then at the end of the article, and then do a anchor text to your B blog, the anchor text name may be the name of the B blog. Similarly, you do a anchor text pointing to your C blog at the end of the B blog article. And so on。

is the first blog, this is obviously, you need at least 2 or more of the blog. However, the term "chain", rely on the two or three blog how can afford this wheel? It means you must be at least 4,5 blog, distributed in the southeast northwest, looks like a wheel is. Another point to note is that the so-called blog group in different blog blog, instead of a platform on the different blog account. The establishment of this blog group is the basis of sprocket work, you must pay the sweat to pay.

from the above paragraph, apart from the independent site about (not every staff Shanghai dragon has its own station group), the direction of the blog I brought out several key points on the sprocket: blog, one-way, strategy planning. I will analyze them one by one.

sounds, this is a very complex project, well, no one can deny the fact that Shanghai dragon is easy to live. Look for the sprocket explain love Shanghai Encyclopedia: Shanghai dragon sprocket is through on the Internet to build a large number of independent site or blog in the major portals, these independent site or blog group through the one-way, strategy and plan closely links, and point to the optimization of the target site in order to improve the target website ranking in the search engine results.

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