Shanghai Longfeng optimization from shallow to deep a

Shanghai Longfeng optimization from shallow to deep a

September 11, 2017 qccmixlsnnfz 0


, the web, can use the double. This is certainly not restricted, so we can use a keyword page name. However, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, because we all know this truth, so this is only the preliminary preparation, the effect may not be particularly obvious, but sometimes a slight gap, determines a ranking position, therefore also need special attention.

is the first to select their own keywords, there is a saying that is al1, keywords. In order not to spread the weight, generally we mainly do 3 keywords as well, and have a main keywords to do.

many friends think, Shanghai dragon is through a special method, make a word make ranking in a short period of time. In fact, this is indeed a Shanghai dragon, but rising fast, natural drop faster, and it is easy to be K off, it The loss outweighs the gain.. Therefore, we recommend using normal sesame or Shanghai Longfeng optimization, steady, gradual increase of a site’s ranking, in order to make a stand in the first stable position.

Keywords you do have


keyword tag, this does not need special talk. But now many people love to write more than 10 words in it, which will affect the normal development of the website. Here we recommend the 1-3 keyword to do, with the same title, usually try not to modify the keyword here.

The second is

description tags can do some increase, but for some keywords, the best is repeated once. The purpose of doing so is to emphasize the importance of the keywords.


Shanghai dragon from the preliminary, first is the appearance of keywords to URL, of course, this is English pinyin or words. In the novice, to determine the position of a good website after the keyword domain can be directly used in the industry of Larry, this is the ideal state. On the one hand allows visitors to remember your domain name, on the other hand, Shanghai Longfeng optimization has no small advantage. Of course, this advantage, it is difficult to make personal webmaster do like this, because of the comparative advantage of the Larry domain, are already in a large network company under the.

keyword, the most taboo is the keyword, > meaningless is not stop

is the title of the page, there must be the keywords you want to do. Keywords 1-3 is generally a good, doing the station, must select their own keywords, as to how to choose keywords, this is not to say, if necessary, after the sesame may write these contents. The title of the keywords must be selected, and the website after the establishment, but also try not to modify. Under normal circumstances, 2-3 months, the most change time for good. And each keyword changes, may affect the weight of the website, so be careful.

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