Did you make the title of the website optimization

Did you make the title of the website optimization

September 11, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0

< 1> our website will have brand name, our brand name on the front of the two search click to the memory of this user to user, followed by keywords easy memory, brand name to colloquial, we don’t put the key words as our brand name.

2. we do not place too much in the title theme, this will not only cause our home page weight to disperse, and our website content is not concentrated, lead us to the page content value dilution.

1. page title written

notes that

three, in the end how to write the title

love Shanghai by click on the weight, the title of the user experience to do good is particularly important, the title of good design directly affects the stability of keywords ranking and user click. When the user first click the title if you do not, then the user clicks on the second chance is very small.

After 3.


, a reasonable title role

whether new or old station site, the site title is very important in the optimization of the details, a good title is not only a good help for our optimization, but also can attract new customers to us, many webmaster website when the website title does not attention, just write a will or a large number of keywords listed up, later found the wrong time but no way to change it is very painful, so to do before we put our website title set, to avoid trouble in the future, with you today to discuss optimization ideas under the heading website.

factors have influence on the keywords ranking number is 200, of which the title is a very important one, the title of the matching degree and correlation well, has a good effect on the optimization of key words early, reasonable title can improve the relevance of the website, increase search engine to the site of the credit.

, the title of the twoDon’t

if we have too many keywords we separate do two sites, so will we be able to the website.

1. title set too many keywords, put too much keywords, the weight will directly influence on the dispersion of the home page, the site is disadvantageous, imagine an industry, if not much competition, if we set too many keywords in the title, once there is competition in this industry, then we will no longer have the title of competitiveness.

2. too many separate website

< 2> the title of the resources is valuable in the title should not contain descriptive words, for example: the biggest and best, professional, recommendation, purchase, you’d better wait these descriptive words, except for the long tail keywords colloquial.

example: Longfeng machinery crane small crane truck crane

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