The three outer chain elements to create a stable website ranking

The three outer chain elements to create a stable website ranking

September 12, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

cannot leave the chain is stable. The increase is a roaming above, in the first paragraph also mentioned a modified character signature, there is some blog was blocked, Links was, or website to the chain itself is K, and so are the key we need, in fact, here is the most heartache is blog was blocked, the weight of the blog is very good training, is drunk time, when a blog was blocked, declared this time efforts have been in vain, so we must protect their own blog, do not be closed, to reasonable promotion, don’t be caught the excuse of being blocked; and another is Links, >

cannot do without the release of the chain according to the stable, I know, love Shanghai weekly update is more from last week’s efforts, and this week to wait until next week to judge, so that the stability of the chain is very important, give yourself every day how much, one day how many, how many Links, how to maintain the website, blog maintenance, and so on are closely related, there are actually some web site is the use of bots, but was disgusted with this free roaming, roaming is also just a cache on the server, the time when se visit again, it is impossible to access, within a short period of time to improve the number of the chain, but for a long time to obtain a ranking of you or me, it is best to stay away from it, I was refused Never use these, because it’s too easy to let se find that I was cheating, although it is a kind of tool, but this tool is best not to touch it, can easily create link number difference.

website ranking is stable every one of us needs to do, when you order in the network company, the contract may be wrote, the website of many months, only to pay the full amount, in fact, a stable relative to each site is very important, stable is king. The stability of the rankings more can explain the value of the website, but also for this period of time to do site interpretation.

remember when the old company, has been trying to say the significance of stability, sometimes not particularly love some company practice, once I have seen a case, the enterprise website to do optimization, and then after a period of time do not go up, then does not renew, then the chain network company will be directly do all out, when I looked at it, a total of 1000+ chain, 800-900 love Shanghai chain at the forum, but is the weight directly from the signature with the signature of a demerit, change the site outside the chain directly dropped 85%, but feel that this is the site of large damage that is my own company on the network the most offensive points, as long as it is done outside the chain of this website, half done you should not delete, when the leave can leave, even if the customer does not work Renewals, that is to do nothing to do outside the chain, but not deleted before, say more, I mean to say, to ensure the stability of the rankings, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the factors.

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