How to take up the principle to enhance the site weight by the spider

How to take up the principle to enhance the site weight by the spider

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a lot of friends on the search engine spiders are not unfamiliar, everyone can be found through the IIS log spider your site record, as long as we can seriously analyze the IIS log, I believe we can certainly find traces of spider operation, and using the principle of spider crawling from promotion to the weights of the website below key. We have to do a detailed introduction of

then is to increase the amount included in the site, many people may find this a problem, that is a love Shanghai page is a spider crawling, and was not included, but after a long time, but there will be included, many people do not understand about this phenomenon, in fact you seriously it is not difficult to understand, because the spider to your site not all of a sudden the content of your website all included, but will analyze each properly included, so we have to through the chain of continuous stimulation, let love Shanghai spiders to your site, it will naturally get more included the opportunity, so the construction of the chain is very important to

love Shanghai snapshot faster, that your site weight will be higher, love Shanghai snapshot of the update that spiders have re crawl your web page, if the content of your website has changed, it will return the latest changes to date, and those who basically don’t update the site, love Shanghai snapshot will be updated, this site is because of the high weight will be love Shanghai’s favor, so to attract love Shanghai spider to your site is the first step, so they need a large number of the chain and chain construction, and then let the spider love on your website, can make your site get higher weight

search engine spiders are mainly through the link to the spider crawling on the web, to take up the link will be put inside a separate database, the database has its own properties, usually suffix related domain name information, such as:.Net,.Org,贵族宝贝,.Cn,贵族宝贝.cn and so on.

analysis about the spider crawling principle !

two: using the principle of rapid promotion website weight

also present a typical misunderstanding, that is better than the pseudo original reproduced, thought it would be love Shanghai recognized and included, actually this also is a problem related to the user experience, because the love of Shanghai included in the article is mainly to see the article can help the user to reach, if you pass false original, the article changed face full >

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and then the spider will put these suffix link into the database, by crawling, many people may think spider is through opening the link way to crawl, this is a misunderstanding, if the algorithm is that the efficiency is extremely low! Spider can also through the chain to climb up to take, and by the more the number of hair chain climb the spider will think you are a very popular website, which will give you the website give higher weights, the above is the basic principle of spider climb take

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The update speed of

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