No wrong optimization Shanghai Longfeng is only icing on the cake

No wrong optimization Shanghai Longfeng is only icing on the cake

September 12, 2017 dltbsyjqzoag 0

said Shanghai Longfeng simple optimization is also simple, but hard to say, Shanghai Longfeng optimization system of this includes the content and the construction of the chain, if these two points before is in place to do site optimization, it is nothing but the more successful. Some sites in the optimization of itself is such a situation, so in Shanghai Longfeng nothing but > er optimization

three: how to do a "perfect"

for a website to make sound, website content and the importance of the chain are well aware, so the update or promotion will be very diligent in place. However, bigger and wide will often have some problems, such as "no weight ranking", "included no flow" or "open the slow phenomenon included. Shanghai dragon is solved and so on phenomenon, so as to make the site more conducive to search engine optimization rules, achieve high weight high ranking. Many owners think, as long as do Shanghai dragon to optimize their quality is not the most important, which has produced a lot of "garbage station". That is not to say that the garbage station do garbage station, but led to a large number of sites half-dead state, caused the flooding of low quality websites. Shanghai Longfeng icing on the foundation for "website has substantial content, but the lack of corresponding methods". If to locate the site ranking with Shanghai Dragon technology to, somewhat unrealistic, so for this station is also often more gullible. So do not ignore the importance of webmaster site itself quality optimization under the premise of Shanghai dragon.

website, the search engine has a set of rules for their own ranking, Shanghai dragon optimization is to make the site more conducive to the rule of ranking, so as to obtain the search engine friendly to improve website rankings, to finally take a pathway to obtain flow. So, all the owners began to have a penchant for love on the Shanghai dragon optimization from contact with the Internet industry. However, on the one hand is the Shanghai dragon optimization optimization tool, properly comply with the rule of the search engine optimization can quickly improve website ranking. But if the optimization defeat light is right down, while more prone sites become doomed eternally. So, Shanghai Longfeng optimization has its advantages, not only the webmaster want without its disadvantages.

two: Shanghai dragon "icing on the cake"

: Shanghai dragon optimization

optimization tutorial every day watching the Internet emerge in an endless stream, and even Shanghai dragon training got be in full swing. In fact, so has the appeal of Shanghai Longfeng, on site optimization techniques and some what? A lot of stationmaster this puzzled, so choose to accept a period and a period of training, even in training up to thousands of charges. However, really learned how much? So many years also binary optimization, think Shanghai Longfeng role is just icing on the cake. If it is not better to perfect the website every detail, no need to go into the transition of Shanghai dragon, otherwise easily go astray, step in the footsteps.

Shanghai dragon In fact,

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