shlf1314 Adsense K a reason to love youYiqifa advertising prices and new advertisers stay

shlf1314 Adsense K a reason to love youYiqifa advertising prices and new advertisers stay

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This paper consists of

, Zhan, Zhang Chan Dou: I just ask.


Zhan Zhang: do you need it,

TV online network feeds

adsense:K need a reason for a number,


      2004, Beijing Yaogu legend Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co. Ltd, which is located in Beijing, Zhongguancun company, beginning with the flowers and plants as the core, the popular European natural flowers and the introduction of life China, and provide inspiration for the beautiful, fashionable ladies from natural flowers.
            we will natural flowers into every kind of life, from the flowers and tea, beauty care products, and to other activities, let the more loving flowers and friends in the city can enjoy a healthy, natural way of life.
            60>; for this reason, we invested heavily in the construction of Beijing, Changping District, covers an area of 15 acres, building area of

? ?

I don’t answer here, just talk about some personal ideas.

Love Valley click  

        Love Valley mall currently engaged in the project, health care products, and Jian Wei, sexy underwear, breast products, male impotence, contraception, pregnancy test and other Adult supplies, a total of eight more than 9000 kinds of goods. In the vast numbers of users enthusiastic support, after 5 years of unwavering efforts, "Love Valley" mall has become the largest adult goods industry professional website. Love Valley mall to complete the types of goods, reliable product quality, the lowest price, flexible ordering, fast and thoughtful service to win the majority of consumers trust and praise, and won the honorary title of China unit integrity of electronic commerce in 2006.
        Love Valley since its inception, adhere to the "customer first" philosophy, uphold the value creation and maintenance of the legitimate interests of the user for the user is the first business purpose, with good reputation and high quality customer service in the field of e-commerce activities of the champion. Perfect qualifications, professional specifications of the purchase channels, a false compensation ten quality commitment, quality service reputation, the first low price, established Love Valley, becoming China’s first brand of sexual goods. Effective user price: 0.03 yuan, one click  .

data return: 48 hoursShe loved the flowers and tea


recently, I wrote an article on Admin5, "shlf1314 AD, from the application to the whole story of K", which was reprinted by some of the webmaster to other forums. There are a lot of friends posted on the top asked: why K, know the reason? Will it be because the click rate is too high? 7% is very high, how did you do it? It’s not possible, my only 0.3%, and so on…

actually I hit the peak of more than 7%, once reached 13%, two days do not know who offended brother, I ordered 400 times, instant hits more than 30%, to the end of the month I have nothing. So I’m all right, so the click rate is not the most important, and the real reason for the K number should be complaints from the advertising publisher. How can I be advertising business, advertising is cast out, no or only a little return, is bound to the GG attack, GG could eat the grievances. Note that if you click on the rate of only 1%, but your website shows the people of advertising, GG will not miss you, unless you are a large scale, a considerable flow, GG did not dare to touch you.

Adsense Fury: no!!!

said some owners complain about the click rate is so low, no cheating is K? Then you ask yourself the station is not "dump", if you think it is rubbish, GG will put you in the eye, like K K, is so simple.

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