How to realize the website market segments with keywords

How to realize the website market segments with keywords

September 16, 2017 iowtiarijtod 0

when determining the site segments of the market, you have to determine your site keywords according to the demand of market segments. The subject refers to the fundamental needs of market segments, for example, want to learn the marketing skills of college students and graduates will have different needs, but learning marketing skills is the main demand of their market segments.

according to the demand of target market

but how to realize the website market segmentation? Of course, first of all, the content of the website is to subdivide the market service, for example, you start smoking cessation website, that your content will be around the smoking cessation needs to provide the knowledge and service, you run the salesman website, website content must also focus on this skill in sales and service set. But do these arrangements and setting is not enough, because the site does not flow in vain without visitors. Now most of the site is mainly through the search engine to get traffic, therefore, arrange the site keywords reasonably, in order to obtain good search engine ranking foundation is the key to realize the website market segmentation strategy. For the novice, to master an idea easily, but the implementation of operational difficulties, combined with their own station experience, talk about the website fractionize market keywords set step.

selected the site keywords at the same time, also will determine the main contents of the website and down section >

Step one: determine the keywords

first, according to the demand of target market, target market to collect used in search engines to search words. To the station as an example, to graduate or graduate student, marketing skills training, which is aspiring to become a good salesman who service. You want to be a salesman just graduated or graduating college students is the target market segments. Through the love of Shanghai index search engine, to become a salesman students use the search words were collected, found a "sell" and "marketing techniques", "telephone sales skills", "sales pitch", "real estate sales skills", "marketing case" search words, these search words want to learn marketing skills reflects a college student or graduate needs, they search for these words is to grasp this knowledge, so the site can consider the knowledge set into the web, and these words as the key word site.

market segmentation strategy is the most important and the most basic marketing strategy. Along with the development of network, the sharp increase in the site, a large number of homogeneous sites spread, site competition, take the market segmentation strategy will become the website especially small personal website for the survival and development of choice. In the past that want to meet anyone needs the shotgun website development strategy has failed, the website development strategy and identify the target market sniper gun type of precision marketing is becoming a trend of the Internet market. "Ning for chicken not a" to maintain its leading position in the small market, also do not fall behind in a big market, is the essence of market segmentation strategy.

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