Hu Yi suggested Shanghai fraternity Shanghai Longfeng only when the proposal

Hu Yi suggested Shanghai fraternity Shanghai Longfeng only when the proposal

September 16, 2017 qljljlgbjcad 0

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Flash text information: stand for the enterprise pay attention to aesthetics mostly to do with the Flash site, so the function of the Flash website to do the analysis on the effect of large, because Hu Yibo’s blog is completely no Flash effect and text, so love Shanghai directly to a check. I’m not sure how the function of the

static page can be completely static website this effect not what, but Hu Yibo is using static Zblog blog system is not completely static. For example, Bowen pages list page. I could not love to Shanghai recommend me a very high score I put all the blog page dynamic pages are banned in search of Shanghai love? As the spider crawling the page and the article will be affected.

URL length: can be said as long as all know URL as short as possible, who will be able to register for a long not to say URL

Frame: This is the information I have mentioned practical inquiry, many website templates are downloaded on the Internet that those who engage in technology will not add "frame/frameset/iframe" this code into several, these codes can severely impact the love of Shanghai spiders crawl, so the people feel very use. (in my home there is a query in this code, such as the end of the first time I will change this code

today, Hu Yibo got the love Shanghai statistics Shanghai Longfeng advice code, then enter a study. The love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon really function as the name, only as a suggestion tool. Because he suggested that these functions can be said that in addition to the "Frame information" is not the other.

?The main parameters:

below to see Hu Yibo’s blog in Shanghai Shanghai dragon in the proposed score and detailed problem!


picture Alt information: I haven’t fully understand this query, because the blog add pictures are added ALT information, only the article page showed no ALT may be a sign that micro-blog pictures, a Google advertisement. The function remains to be studied.


Meta: the perfection of information query can be said for Hu Yibo is totally useless, because you want to get out of this query you will all blog pages all add a description and keywords. In fact, there is no need to add blog page keywords and description, because once you fill in the description of the status of Shanghai rarely accounted for in the search in your love. There are a lot of friends should know the dynamic description of the article page, as long as the keyword search in the others in the film are you in love Shanghai in the search keyword text will become your article description. So do the dynamic description of personal feeling is a good choice.

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