How to develop a detailed optimization scheme of Shanghai Dragon

How to develop a detailed optimization scheme of Shanghai Dragon

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website optimization promotion always cannot do without the site, and there are plans to work, to greatly improve the efficiency, so we need to make a detailed plan to do so, Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng scheme is already familiar with the case in understanding, combined with the techniques developed for the Shanghai dragon website Shanghai Longfeng promotion ideas and strategies.

2, website positioning to do

establish clear goals in order to better the specific arrangements for the work, whether it is the target of long term or short term, can be differentiated into specific monthly, weekly and daily stage goal. Of course, to do a general budget.

estimates, the cost and risk of

(2) keyword mining tools: recommended keyword search tools and background love Shanghai love stand nets keywords recommended mining tools.

core keyword is the website keywords system, can not tolerate the slightest mistake. We must choose the right keywords, the keywords you must maintain consistency and their own website, according to the following four points: to confirm

Shanghai Phoenix place Internet


search engine in the update, so we can’t plan Shanghai, want to do a immutable and frozen, a comprehensive and detailed programme to Shanghai dragon where to start

, 3 of peers should also study

risk and cost is present, Shanghai dragon cost includes direct cost, time cost and manpower cost of these three points; then the risk is divided into three points, such as cost overruns, time delay, change the search algorithm. The estimates, we must in the formulation of the scheme evaluation, such as a long time to see the effect.


4 and key wordsThe core

(1) of a competitor’s site keywords

diagnosis and analysis of the status of their website, make the following location according to the nature of the site: users positioning, promotion channel positioning, differentiated positioning, and the style of the website positioning and so on.

as the saying goes, to be victorious, understand the physical architecture, peer website URL framework, keywords layout, existing included, rankings and so on, combined with their own situation, learn from each other.

the figure from the Internet

The construction of 5,

(4) Q & a platform of long tail keywords mining

(3) search engine drop-down box and relevant search

from the user’s point of view to analyze them through what keywords to search the site of products and services, which can increase the accuracy of keywords.

1, established a good target


Confirm the ? The

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