On the preparation of high quality of the three points

On the preparation of high quality of the three points

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introduction: in the network marketing promotion and ranking high quality articles on the site is self-evident, but for many new webmaster want to write high quality articles or some of the difficulties. Today I will experience for everyone to share, how to write high quality articles.

when we write a high quality article, first to write articles for a plot is the writing direction, target, and on the website and users what the value is written.


when writing the title, must be set around the theme of the article written, your comprehension users more straightforward, so that this article is useful on its own value, and is the title of the words between 6 to 15, so that more users easy to see your title, but not the title is too long that users can only see the front half of the problem, but do not know what is the meaning of the title, which can also lose confidence Click to read, but also do not set too short, too short a title is not conducive to the optimization of the two is the use value is not high, unless your site is particularly famous and has been placed in an important position, but also the contents of greater value, this will bring more value and benefits.

we usually say the high quality of the article, and not your original article, then released to the site or a large site is called love Shanghai included high quality articles. For the high quality of the article not only to search engines, but also has a certain value and the reading needs of the value creation, the only way you can be the more people use and promotion, such a high quality of the article would be to meet the target.

2. to write the beginning of


all ready, we can begin to write. Here I want to remind that the focus must be at the time of writing, the written suggestions can put the time to work in the morning or evening and other things are complete, so that we can calm down to write slowly.


began writing

first I will write articles can be divided into three parts, namely: the preparation of the preparatory work, start writing, the relaxed mood

is for every kind of the beginning of the article writing, mainly to see you write the contents of the theme and purpose of what it is, and then planning preparation. For example, "

, a compilation of the preparation work before

The title of the preparation of

first we are ready to write the data and pictures, and not always in accordance with the original thinking on what to write, for this article only to a temporary effect on the website ranking. When we collect information, and then write when there is a good theme and content of our guide,

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