Three factors increase site traffic

Three factors increase site traffic

November 29, 2017 dlixojibdcuk 0

5, Keywords

wants a lot of traffic in addition to the web site overall weight, the next step is to improve website ranking, the weight of the high ranking rising speed will be very fast, but here also need to choose good keywords

two, website ranking – keyword selection

site overall weight:

2, website domain name is punished, whether space can open a short time.

2, column page difficult to use common words, choose the best 1-2 words, the same words related to each column, but also must be related to the theme, or spiders cannot analysis of the main content of your site.

, 3 pages of content is the most important and the most simple is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords every one of the best use of a word is enough, the related word can be analyzed by the column page and the front page of words, each piece of content must be original article high quality best, so as to improve the whole website the weight, and drive the home page and column page words.

1, the internal structure of the best use of the tree structure, clear and simple directory.

web site overall weight higher the greater the flow, this is as everyone knows things, the high weight of each article will be included, target keywords and long tail keywords is greatly improved, more in the eyes of the user to show the number of rushing to the natural flow. Then to do the site overall weight good site internal structure and the chain optimization, so you can have a good ranking.

set up a website is the most important site traffic, whether it is to do keywords ranking, or trying to release the chain is to flow arrival, so traffic has become the most popular topic, want to get high flow must grasp the flow of influence factors, in this small series to share with his three points experience.

There are many factors affecting

4, website content is to let the user satisfaction is related to whether the original website subject.

believe you the webmaster have seen within 3 days of love Shanghai home like advertising, advertising here is the use of the site click rate, click on the software used to click on love Shanghai rankings, of course not small for everyone to use the technique of cheating, but to tell you the click rate is not only in the love of Shanghai above, in each chain or directly enter the address count, love >

three, website hits

, a web site overall weight

3, the site code is complex, whether JS, flash or frame structure can be the presence of the spider crawling.

1, home use more difficult, to choose the best 1-3 words, not too easy to affect the weight of 3 words related to dispersion.

site outside the chain is released correctly, whether issued related websites.

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