How to register the domain name quality perfect in every respect

How to register the domain name quality perfect in every respect

November 29, 2017 mieywmcnyozz 0

gradually increased with the domain name, the domain name suffix also gradually up, familiar with贵族宝贝,.Cn,贵族宝贝, I think, as a webmaster if you choose a domain name after the others see it, it is best to arrange these commonly used suffixes are registered, it is not only to keep the store your uniqueness, also can let you win the store more traffic by setting the link conversion. Imagine, if you register a domain name website development very well, while others see later with a similar domain name to development, then will not steal the fruits of your labour? So registered the domain name is perfect in every respect to have forgotten diversification.

three, the domain name must be top

2, if you are to manage the brand, then the brand value of the domain name can not be ignored, so why does Taobao make people remember that this is Taobao’s brand value and the Taobao user psychology, such as you want to do rebate network, then you can set up the domain name, in the Taobao based on such as taobaofanli. Taobaoyouhui domain name, I think is really.

, a domain name must be

no matter what you are doing business, the domain name must be written, if your domain name is not easy to remember that how to improve the user’s rate of return two times? You can see the digital domain and users now have a double domain name is very popular, this is because the good record in. Have a habit in the domestic users, it is not love the favorites, they often change the user in the link that lets you store all have more love to win a second search through memory, so when you register a domain name registered in a good mind to the domain name, here are a few examples:

1, if you are doing women’s clothing industry, while women’s spelling is nvzhuang, the domain name must be registered, you can change, nvzhuang123, nvzhuang520, the domain name is optional.

here >

two, the domain name must be "diversity"

domain name can be perfect in every respect is very easy to make your site by the user to remember, why can the hao123 quickly occupied the market, the most fundamental reason is that the domain name is easy to remember. And this kind of domain name is love by the user, if the user is every love tour news, then your domain name is Xinwen is not easy for users to remember? The other users have a domain name is perfect in every respect to show your brand value, why some big companies are willing to pay big bucks to buy some more the expensive domain name? That is the brand value, let me talk about how the domain name registration perfect in every respect. I hope to be able to help users have a Internet webmaster friends.

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