Shanghai dragon in the CDN service YAHOO and Baiduspider

Shanghai dragon in the CDN service YAHOO and Baiduspider

December 9, 2017 jwrsymrmnutl 0

then came the question: whether CDN should be set to the

web production staff are familiar with the "YAHOO", which is the truth, for the website should apply CDN service for users in different areas can be not affected by the regional network environment, smooth access to the site.


as a pioneer in YAHOO search service, the use of CDN services is still respected in the website. For the web frontend, web page loading speed is very important. This also reflects the search engine for the spirit of service, after all, an open are struggling in the first page, it will drain a considerable part of the user, at least the display rate is a problem, not to mention the conversion rate.


love Shanghai as the search for the Internet, no doubt in the industry with the one and only right to speak. In Shanghai love spider engineer about CDN’s answer to the question, we can extract the following information:

2: some time ago, a buddy website Shanghai dragon party QQ group Unicom problems, by the way I Ping a domain name, found before and after 10 minutes the IP changed 3 times. Was quite surprised, what is certainly to blame cdn.

I am afraid I Tucao: CDN service providers can change IP.


love advice is given by Webmaster Platform for IP to change the situation as an error report to love Shanghai:

The only giant


Yslow – a source on the YAHOO designed to detect the page loading speed browser plug-in, which is the CDN service as a standard for evaluation.

Affirmative view:

Dynamic IP

1: recently in an Internet marketing community to see a post (light community) is about web crawling, drop dramatically, shrink 9. The main problem is the use of the CDN language website, the reason is straightforward: dynamic IP CDN caused by the love of Shanghai spiders crawl difficult, cause included decline.

service website?

Cdn by Baiduspider does not effectively capture, handling the following: "CDN there is a problem: different CDN service providers in the nationwide distribution of the number of nodes in different sites, when using CDN services, the same area CDN to return to the IP address of the spider and give users consistent. So the reality is that part of the CDN service providers because of cost considerations utilization problems and resources, will change the IP address did not inform the user in case in order to save costs, resulting in time to catch the spider, will meet new and old IP IP, the site did not inform the change under the condition of IP the site, the spider will think the current problems, the first is to reduce the amount of the second grab, will determine whether the inaccessible page down."

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