Month: July 2017

Website day 300P earn 2000 experience sharing

my station, IP per day only 300ip, 2000 advertising revenue per month. 2000 of the monthly income for most of the webmaster may not be anything worth talking about. In fact, I am a novice, and this station’s IP is really only 300 a day, advertising revenue 2000 per month, this is absolutely true.

first said I made this station profitable thinking. The theme of this station is brain sickness hospital navigation. You can go to Baidu search, encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, brain atrophy these keywords, each word in Baidu are very many promotion links. "Cerebral palsy" a word, Baidu promotion one click, how much money know? 50 yuan?. My idea is to do such a station, optimize these words, get good traffic, and then do encephalopathy hospital navigation, advertising for them, directly from the hospital to collect advertising costs. Two hundred per month cost of advertising, if can bring 4 clicks, the hospital is feasible, if can bring more than four clicks, the hospital, is more cost-effective than Baidu promotion! Imagine that the hospital would not read more

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Novice webmaster 35 days self study guide

this article is dedicated to friends who want to do something but don’t know where to start.

      now more and more new Adsense to join the personal webmaster in this field, of which a large part is not any site foundation, following jade

Di to a "come over" identity, and we explore the basic steps of learning station technology and specific timing:

1, HTML (3 days)
read more

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Stationmaster should study Yu Zecheng in latent more

I am concerned stationmaster net nearly two years, is a must see the website, learn from others at the same time it myself some bud, but has not started because feel not write valuable articles, then write down a piece of content from today, hope and many webmaster exchange, also hope that the webmaster net do more color


recently by Honglei Sun starred in the TV series "Lurk" is known to every family, he has become the focus that people talk about who plays the character of Yu Zecheng is hot, and it is suitable for different types of audience relationship, male viewers can watch the thrills and suspense spy story, female viewers can watch the revolutionary romantic love you can see, white-collar office politics and bureaucracy, students can learn about the history of military knowledge, then as a webmaster what should we learn from it? The author hopes readers paizhuan. read more

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The plight of small and medium enterprises go from here

nearly a period of time, China’s large number of small and medium-sized enterprises lost or even closed down, causing the central government attaches great importance to. The current plight of SMEs mainly from three aspects: one is artificial, energy and raw material costs rise, the appreciation of the renminbi, policy tightening financial costs; secondly, limited government policies (such as the decrease of the export tax rebate rate); third, the United States and Europe and other market demand down. It can be seen that the small and medium-sized enterprises are involved in the cost and market, technology and other issues. read more

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Talk about an old stationmaster’s bumpy road

I am a technical background, and I have been working on it for more than ten years. Years later, I got tired of the day when I faced the complicated code. And I am now a full-time webmaster. When it comes to building a business, I have an unusual experience,


: a first computer

The year of

, which is 96 years, when I was reading high school, at that time for the college entrance examination, many students often do not learn all through the night and night, is in order to obtain a dream university, in which there are a small number of students but on the contrary, no goals do not know what to do every day, do one day grind, I would say it is a waste of youth. It was in this context that I started contacting computers in the third year of high school. I didn’t mention the reason for contacting computers. Of course, in that era, my family could afford a computer, but my family was not poor. In this way, I became attached to the computer, and when many students are playing, I began to study computers alone, when I bought a very thick C language book, and chewed it several times before I understood it. I know I want through knowledge can change fate, so in my spare time fully into their interest in computer, every time the holiday, put himself at home, their training program code in front of the computer, the code of a screen after screen across from my eyes, in that era, the is a high-tech " "! With this interest, I started my dream programmer. read more

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The little movie station earns ten thousand a month

these days, revision of my safe and quick network, the heart of the future is full of hope, and I think this site will bring me a lot of income. So every day I am very enthusiastic about writing soft, post, do promotion. But today, I met a webmaster, I was depressed to death, he made a small movie station, actually a monthly income of more than ten thousand yuan!


actually, I’ve played before, and the best day was IP, 2000, but I didn’t make any money. After hanging the first screen advertising, sporadic received two remittances, a total of more than 200 yuan. In addition a few advertising alliance, met a liar, in addition to a 100 block, all other detained, I also claimed to not normal! It’s stuck! read more

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A webmaster SEO website optimization case Adventure

SEO project example operation case description:

SEO case company name: (signed an optimized confidentiality agreement with the company at that time, so it can not be exported)

operating company: project implementation: skin Zhixiong

The following

published an article I in SEO search engine optimization service process, an actual case of SEO operation process of contact, it is quite complicated, but also can be said to be an adventure, because such customers is relatively small, after all, understand clients like more and more dilute. This project happened shortly before I first met SEO. read more

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How many grassroots webmaster lying on the road to adhere to

here, I want to ask is: "what is it that we do so grassroots webmaster lost to do stand confidence, passion, motivation?"

as a grassroots webmaster of me, for this aspect of things is a little experience, and I firmly believe in such a sentence, "have to pay will return"

we as a grassroots webmaster, and cannot go to the party and the rich, because they are willing to spend money, they can go to the station to call for a network of people to give him the website to write soft and then released to the news, so as to get good rankings in search engines, but we can’t only. Because we are the grassroots, so we have to do it yourself to work hard, to strive, to insist, I have consulted some station owners, they gave the same answer: I insist. So we have to stick to it. Here we have to go back to the above questions: "what makes us such a grassroots webmaster do stand to lose confidence, passion and power?" the answer in my mind, because as a webmaster I is only a sophomore, I stand in 2012, I don’t have much contact time, but the more I contact person. I gave up, but I’m holding on now, read more

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Experience sharing operating income of 4000 yuan individual local information harbor

Hello, A5 and friends, operational thinking today I want to talk about the local information harbor, a case here is a place of my own early information port operations, called the Liuyang window. To tell you the truth, this site is doing very badly, because at the end of 2006 I knew nothing about Internet technology, I just registered a domain name, and I just got a source code to do it. The site is very difficult, but now every day I need a spare 5 minutes to maintain, through a variety of methods to the current monthly income of about 4000, although not what the prospects for development, but now it can keep my own living expenses. I would like to share this experience with you, and I hope to help you. read more

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Classified information sites seem turbulent laughing at the end ‘m afraid

from the Internet to search a lot of classified information website is a promising prospect, how to say, so many people have a dream full of excitement. with money, joined the team. But think carefully, there are still many questions we need to discuss

what is the outlook for the first, classified information web site?

with the social economic development, the network has become more and more popular. Many people search for information they need through the Internet, which lays a solid foundation for the prospects of classified information websites. But the premise is that the classified information that your website offers is of high value. This kind of high is not alone, but in quantity, it is its authenticity and timeliness. read more

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