Month: August 2017

The site is down right do not have to do the three step will lie calm to save the situation

& & solve the policy: it is not too late, after the site is down right, we need to find the previous add anchor text of the article, and then delete the anchor text over some repetition, keep an article up to two anchor text, and add anchor text in the article to add on after.


also said that the site right down there may be some objective factors, Shanghai is the best algorithm for miscarriage of justice, but the possibility is very small, the site is down right the first time we should be looking for the internal factors of our website itself, analyzes why the website will be right down. The reason I hengheshashu site right down, could not enumerate, take the three kinds of the most common reasons and the corresponding policy to solve and share with you: read more

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What really happened in 2015 outside the chain of no use

used the "Legend of miraculous content is king, the chain for the emperor" has disappeared in the long history, the shortest time and everyone in the group discussion, found that many are not mentioned in the chain of things, I will discuss the topic of the chain to them from their mouth that now is not the "content is king for the chain" the emperor King chain but the content is not what is outside the chain, the legendary really lost the role of

from the exchange to the old webmaster said now is in accordance with the website weight to calculate the weight amount of traffic, now the weight rule in figure read more

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10 minutes to give some suggestions for the novice webmaster Shanghai Dragon

a helping hand!The website of

if you want the site to perform well in search engines, but did not have enough time to study Shanghai dragon? We hope to help you if you

more suggestions can be found in the developers. noble baby贵族宝贝/startups. Good luck!

hopes to attract users search and search engine friendly, but not always keep up with the new search technology.

hopes to enhance your company name related keywords ranking (or a small amount of this video is not applicable to the news site or e-commerce website). read more

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From the home page analysis and 360 viewers love Shanghai

360 launched a comprehensive search, caused a stir on the internet. Especially love Shanghai’s biggest reaction, as awakened from sleep, with hitherto unknown acceleration to improve the user experience, lest 360 rob it of the cake. If people engage in search of love in Shanghai is not put in the eye, but this is the Internet fighter Zhou Hongyi, where he went, where there is smoke, once let the penguin Empire sleepless nights, who knows what will this week old


marketing system and so on, we stand in the Chinese ordinary users of the angle between the 360 search and see the boss who will please users love Shanghai. In my opinion, at least in the front page of the user experience, search 360 is really cater to Chinese Internet psychological. read more

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Keywords no flow of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index is not necessarily small

how to analyze this kind of words, there is no choice of correct index flow is very good keywords.

the sheep keyword index was 384.

1. in line with the user search habits

I choose this keyword when sheep farming is through my analysis of other keywords index of breeding industry, and then calculate it is an index of keywords.

beef this index was 764, about 2 times of the keywords of the sheep.

by the above data, the price of mutton sheep without flow keywords. If the above keywords by calculating the data, the price of mutton sheep keyword flow should be at more than 100, so I just choose the keywords to optimize. But through the optimization effect of the current point of view, the second page can have the keyword traffic flow, more than I had expected. read more

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Love Shanghai data marked with what effect do

the original data annotation love Shanghai Figure 1:

love haisou display left blank area

2, left blank advantage

on the left side of Shanghai here love why set blank, many webmasters and search are fancier is also constantly There were many discussions. All kinds of conjecture. As everyone knows, the love of Shanghai before the search box page is very simple, all the search results will be displayed from top to bottom from left to right are lined up. Love Shanghai why change the norm, it launched a large left vacant. In fact, the official in Shanghai Webmaster Platform – Webmaster tools help "data annotation tools help a text which made a profound elaboration (the relevant user to access Webmaster Platform). Love for the introduction of Shanghai data annotation, but also to the left of the whirling blank provided the most powerful source of argument. What is the love of Shanghai data annotation, especially what will help for many of our webmaster friends, Xiao Bian here will be through some of my own experience can bring you some help. read more

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He laughs best who laughs last opponents also said cheating effect


but in answer to "how to do" before a few questions had to clarify: how do we determine the other site is cheating? Yes, the other site keywords ranking within a short period of time suddenly jump up, but this does not necessarily mean that competitors must be using a cheating to make up this word? Especially through this comparison keyword ranking brush love Shanghai secret cheat cheat

see the webmaster very anxious, the keywords ranking really is the key to the website, ranking down great influence. It can rival the killer website keywords ranking within a short period of time suddenly jump up, than their own website ranking, their website traffic down a lot, how to do read more

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Don’t understand the nature you play what Taobao search model

model, it is necessary to know what is the principle. After understanding the working principle we can analyze the reasons, find the way. We first look at a simple principle, we will focus on the following will introduce to you.

We want to understand the thirteenth

, a search principle model:

2.2 Taobao keywords after the transaction will be in accordance with the AB algorithm to assign weights

2, commodity ID weighting scheme (seller, popularity, service model)

1, the use of search engines to find the target product class skills (category model and text model); read more

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Case analysis of youth related sites caused by Shanghai Dragon

detailed analysis of the website, as a case study, success always excels


3, the bottom two key links, with strong tags.

content of the original is from love of spiders in Shanghai Farmar, see he is how.


in the cinema and watch at home is the two kind of feeling, a couple of shots to finish, so love Shanghai "Youth", a wonderful station, quickly into my sight.

5, the use of the program to determine the basic dedecms

? The

checked the data:


4, there is a very special place, just click the play picture link with nofollow, it is because the links above and the read more

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Discussion eight ingredients adversely affect Shanghai Dragon

two, the quality of the chain is not up to

, a Links with improper

How to avoid

high quality website not only need the site to build environment, web page design, website layout perfect, and the content of the web site, as well as Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also essential. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a double-edged sword, the use of good sites to bring endless benefits, improper use may lead to site is K. However, as long as the master of Shanghai dragon optimization skills, to avoid some unfavorable factors in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, your site will then in Shanghai ranked among the best in the love. read more

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