Month: November 2017

How to register the domain name quality perfect in every respect

gradually increased with the domain name, the domain name suffix also gradually up, familiar with贵族宝贝,.Cn,贵族宝贝, I think, as a webmaster if you choose a domain name after the others see it, it is best to arrange these commonly used suffixes are registered, it is not only to keep the store your uniqueness, also can let you win the store more traffic by setting the link conversion. Imagine, if you register a domain name website development very well, while others see later with a similar domain name to development, then will not steal the fruits of your labour? So registered the domain name is perfect in every respect to have forgotten diversification. read more

November 29, 2017 0

Three factors increase site traffic

5, Keywords

wants a lot of traffic in addition to the web site overall weight, the next step is to improve website ranking, the weight of the high ranking rising speed will be very fast, but here also need to choose good keywords

two, website ranking – keyword selection

site overall weight:

2, website domain name is punished, whether space can open a short time.

2, column page difficult to use common words, choose the best 1-2 words, the same words related to each column, but also must be related to the theme, or spiders cannot analysis of the main content of your site. read more

November 29, 2017 0