How to get a PS4 today

first_imgThe PS4 has been out in the world for a little over one month now, ushering in a new generation of video games (sorry, Wii U). If you were on the fence about purchasing a PS4 at launch due to the lack of compelling software that tends to plague console launches, but then suddenly reversed your decision and now you don’t know where to get one, stock is still available, but you’ll have to be aggressive in your tracking.WalmartUpdate 12/16/2013: Not every Walmart has them in stock, but certain stores do. Simply head over to the website’s console listing, and check out the stock locator. Type in your zip code, and some stores on the list may have stock. Call ahead just in case, as the lag between the stock updater doesn’t necessarily reflect the in-store availability. Stock in South Florida and New Jersey are available at the time of writing, for instance.Update 11/28/2013: At the moment, Walmart appears to be out of consoles, but you can walk into a Walmart and place a pre-order, which Walmart guarantees will arrive before Christmas. Walmarts are everywhere, varying in sizes and customer traffic, so make sure the Walmart you’re going to will actually receive stock before you go to place the pre-order. Call ahead.Update 11/25/2013: According to Walmart’s website, the chain doesn’t appear to have any in stock, and the stock locator has since been removed. There’s a chance a store in your area has a lingering console or two, so call ahead before you decide to ruin your day by putting on clothes.Update 11/17/2013: It has been a few days since launch, and stock is now low or sold out at Walmarts, you should definitely call ahead.Walmart appears to be the big winner of the PS4 stock lottery, as the chain reported a plethora of PS4s across its outlets. As of this writing, Walmart is your best bet. You can’t order them online, but every zip code we checked — New Jersey, South Florida, and so on — had them in stock on throughout the day at launch. This is also the only major chain that appears to have the standalone PS4. So, if you don’t want to spend around $500 or more for a PS4-and-games bundle, Walmart is the place you should check first. Unfortunately, you’ll have to actually go to a Walmart, so if you live in major cities that do not have one, like New York, you’ll have to venture out into the unknown.Check your product availability store locator before you make the trip.Toys R UsUpdate 11/28/2103: Nothing has changed on this front, so call around before you leave the safety and comfort of your office chair.Update 11/25/2013: The chain’s website declares that there are no consoles available online. However, that doesn’t mean your local store doesn’t have any. As always, call before you make the trip.Update 11/17/2013: The toy chain appears to be sold out of PS4s in major locations, but there is the possibility that lesser-trafficked stores still have some units in stock. Call ahead before you make the trip.If not Walmart, then Toys R Us is your next best bet. We have received reports (friends that get to not be at work as early as us!) that you were able to walk into Toys R Us stores and pick up a console. Of course, the bigger your city, the less of a chance stock will be available due to the rush of customers.Best BuyUpdate 12/162013: Earlier today, Best Buy had some stock available on its website, but they since sold out. Keep checking back, as stock appears to refilling more quickly as we approach the holidays.Update 11/28/2013: Best Buy still hasn’t reinstated the stock locator, so call your local store ahead before you make the trip.Update 11/25/2013: Best Buy removed the PS4 stock locator from the website, and the chain is both likely to receive units before most other chains due to its size, but is also likely to be hit first by customers.Best Buy is a more likely target for gamers trying to get a new console, but using the product availability locator, you were able to see certain stores had plenty of stock throughout launch day. Be warned, though, the only product locator that appeared on the Best Buy website on launch day is for the Call of Duty and Killzone bundles. The CoD bundle comes with an extra DualShock 4, and is around $70 more. This means that if you’re looking for a standalone PS4, you definitely want to call ahead and see if the bundle locator includes the standalone systems. If you don’t mind buying an extra DualShock 4 or an FPS, these bundles will do just fine.You should hurry with Best Buy, though, as stores have mostly run out of stock at this point. It was happening slowly earlier in the morning of launch day, but throughout the day the stock has been dwindling at a faster pace. Big locations were out of stock almost immediately. The Times Square location in New York, for instance, ran out of stock at the time of writing, and the Atlantic Center location in Brooklyn (a major transportation hub and where the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets play) seems to have immediately sold out upon release.TargetUpdate 11/26/2013: Once again, Target’s stock locator is showing a bunch of PS4 units available at various stores in zip codes all over the country. Yesterday, that inventory depleted in a matter of minutes, so if you’re still hankering for a PS4, it’d be wise to call ahead, and venture out into the unknown as soon as possible.Update 11/25/2013: According to Target’s stock locator, certain stores received some units earlier today. So head over to Target’s website and click the “find in a store” link. The add-to-cart button returns an error, so it’s possible that the in-stock units are actually just being listed as a result of an error. As always, call the before you venture out, weary-eyed, into the daylight.On launch day morning, you were able to order online from Target, but that option has already come and gone. So, in summary, if you want a PS4 right now and didn’t pre-order one, it appears you’ll have to put on clothes, venture out into the harsh daylight, and walk into a Walmart, Toys R Us, or Best Buy — but you should call ahead because stock has been sitting on shelves since launch, and people have been trickling into locations to pick the console up.GamestopUpdate 11/28/2013: Gamestop is now offering refurbished bundles, but stock is generally unavailable. There’s a Shooter bundle being sold for around $610, which includes a refurbished PS4, two DualShock 4 controllers, Killzone Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and one year of PlayStation Plus membership. Another refurbished bundle being offered is the Remote Play bundle, which sells for $695 and includes a refurbished PS4, a refurbished PS Vita, two DualShock 4 controllers, Killzone Shadow Fall, the Assassin’s Creed Liberation for the PS Vita, and one year of PlayStation Plus membership.AmazonUpdate 12/16/2013: Amazon appears to be getting stock of the next-gen consoles faster than other outlets, as you can almost reliably get an Xbox One every day now. The PS4 is more elusive on the online outlet, but they do become available. The standard PS4 console became available on Amazon last Thursday, so stock appears to be ramping up in time for the holidays.[Image credit: Justin Ouellette]last_img read more

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