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No New Human Influence Under the Sun

first_imgScientists trying to measure the damage done on Earth by humans need to look way back.Ancient civilizations were already messing up the planet (Science Daily). A study from the Field Museum of Chicago finds a surprising thing: despite centuries of civilization’s rise, the industrial revolution and modern tech, there is nothing really new about human impact on the planet.As issues like climate change, global warming, and renewable energy dominate the national conversation, it’s easy to assume these topics are exclusive to the modern world. But a huge collaborative study in Science reveals that early humans across the entire globe were changing and impacting their environments as far back as 10,000 years ago.The conclusions do not imply that human impacts are less rapid or serious now. Rather, they imply that humans have always been modifying the environment.While today’s climate change and environmental destruction are happening more quickly and on a far larger scale than the world has ever seen, Feinman notes that this study helps provide a historical context to today’s problems.A while back, for instance, CEH relayed news that large geoglyphs in the Amazon Basin showed that people were modifying that ‘pristine’ jungle long ago, before the rise of modern times (18 Feb 2015, 2 March 2017).No consistent effects of humans on animal genetic diversity worldwide (bioRxiv). Endangered species, extinctions, habitat desolation – we hear about this all the time. How recent is it, though? Six scientists looked at tens of thousands of species and found that the human imprint on biodiversity has not changed all that much much over 35 years.Human impacts on genetic diversity are poorly understood yet critical to biodiversity conservation. We used 175,247 COI sequences collected between 1980 and 2016 to assess the global effects of land use and human density on the intraspecific genetic diversity of 17,082 species of birds, fishes, insects, and mammals. Human impacts on mtDNA diversity were taxon and scale-dependent, and were generally weak or non-significant. Spatial analyses identified weak latitudinal diversity gradients as well as negative effects of human density on insect diversity, and negative effects of intensive land use on fish diversity. The observed effects were predominantly associated with species turnover. Time series analyses found nearly an equal number of positive and negative temporal trends in diversity, resulting in no net monotonic trend in diversity over this time period. Our analyses reveal critical data and theory gaps and call for increased efforts to monitor global genetic diversity.The phrase “critical data and theory gaps” is code for reality not fitting expectations.The late Jack T. Chick, a Christian illustrator, had some fun with the iconic progression, pointing out flaws in the interpretation.Anthropocene? Humans Have Been Changing the Planet for Millennia (Live Science). The human impact on the planet has been so extreme, some geologists have coined a word for a new geologic era: the Anthropocene. But that has caused a debate on the start of the new era: the industrial revolution? The invention of the atomic bomb? By crowdsourcing data from over 1,300 archaeologists, and getting 250 replies, they concluded that you have to go way back thousands of years.Global archaeological data show that human transformation of environments began at different times in different regions and accelerated with the emergence of agriculture. Nevertheless, by 3,000 years ago, most of the planet was already transformed by hunter-gatherers, farmers and pastoralists.To guide this planet toward a better future, we need to understand how we got here. The message from archaeology is clear. It took thousands of years for the pristine planet of long ago to become the human planet of today.This kind of research cannot be done accurately by natural scientists like geologists. The human element is important.And there is no way to fully understand this human planet without building on the expertise of archaeologists, anthropologists, sociologists and other human scientists. To build a more robust Earth science in the Anthropocene, the human sciences must play as central a role as the natural sciences do today.Evolutionary anthropologists, though, claim that hominids were around for millions of years, and Homo species were around for over 300,000 years and quickly spread through Africa and Asia. What happened so suddenly that modern humans began transforming the planet “thousands of years” ago?Maybe it was a mutation in the brain. Isn’t it interesting that archaeologists cannot account for the sudden rise of agriculture and civilization longer than a few thousand years ago? According to the Bible, humans were farmers and ranchers nearly from the start, after the expulsion from Eden. With upright posture, nimble hands, and big brains, it makes sense that humans would use good sense and figure out easier ways to live. The achievements of Egyptians, Babylonians and Romans are astonishing, considering they had no electrical power and no “scientific method.” What makes no sense is to imagine our ancestors, capable of making tools and using fire, living in caves for up to 300,000 years without ever learning how to plant a farm, keep animals or ride horses.Humans have also been corrupting the planet since the beginning in another way: ever since sin entered the world. The world was “filled with violence” before the Flood. After that judgment, it didn’t take long for corruption to rise again. Even in our “enlightened” era, the capacity for human evil is shocking. Without turning to God’s offer of salvation, human influence on the planet will proceed from bad to worse, Paul said in II Timothy 3:13.  The book of Revelation, describing the last days, declares that it is only right and just for God to punish sinners: “The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, and for rewarding your servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth” (Revelation 11:18). But that’s not the end of the story. After the judgment at the end of a great tribulation, Christ ushers in His millennial reign, during which people will prosper, have long lives and enjoy good health – as if to show how a King of Righteousness can produce bounty without destroying the earth. After the last judgment at the Great White Throne, the King of Kings will reign forever in a new heavens and new earth, as the “New Jerusalem” joins heaven to earth. The new earth will easily satisfy myriads of people and animals. No good thing will be lacking. The secret to a bountiful ecosystem is not fewer humans. It is the absence of sin. (Visited 313 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Residential property to remain weak

first_img“2011 saw slowing growth in residential demand, with economic growth slowing noticeably in the middle two quarters of the year,” FNB home loans strategist John Loos said in a statement. 10 January 2012 Sapa The 2011 average house price was R802 988 – 3.1% higher than the average 2010 price of R779 041. However, when adjusting for consumer price inflation (CPI), the average house price declined by about 1.9%. The December CPI was not yet available, but Loos said average CPI for 2011 would appear to be around five percent. “We enter 2012 with a residential market showing strong supply relative to demand, and a mediocre economic performance at best,” he said. “Nothing obvious pops up to suggest that this will change radically in 2012.” Loos predicted that house prices would decline in real terms – taking out the effect of inflation – by about three percent in 2012, assuming an average CPI inflation rate of five percent. The FNB Valuers’ Market Strength Index showed a weakness in demand for residential property relative to supply in 2011. Demand for South African residential property slowed in 2011 and is not expected to improve in 2012, First National Bank said on Monday.center_img The more affordable segments of the housing market were predicted to outperform the higher priced segments this year. “This is a return to real price decline after a mild real average price increase of +1.7% in 2010,” he said. He also expected smaller homes to be more popular due to their lower running costs. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) could cut interest rates in 2012, Loos said. “High transport costs due to high fuel prices and looming tolls can support demand in close proximity to key business nodes,” Loos said. “We have seen the SARB cutting very slowly since late-2009, despite a weak economy, suggesting that it is now a reluctant cutter of interest rates,” he said. “We wouldn’t expect any different in 2012, and any reduction would be a minor one, probably not making a major difference to residential demand.” Interest rate cuts a possibilitylast_img read more

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Wheat harvest underway Between the Rows

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Scott Metzger, Pickaway Co.We started cutting wheat around the 17th. We had a little freeze damage in the wheat in the areas where I expected it. There the yields were in the mid to low 80s but the rest of it has been in the upper 90s and low 100s.The test weight has been fine. Some of the worst areas of the wheat were a pound or two lighter but nothing drastic like I thought it would be. There just was not seed in the head. About three-fourths of the stem was still wet where there was frost damage. The wheat never matured right. The seed head was dry but the stems were tough.We still have about 75 acres to do and I’m hoping to start on it late this afternoon. We leave the straw and double-crop right behind it. I like having that residue out on the field and it lets us get the double-crop beans in faster too.We got four to 4.5 inches of rain Friday night into Saturday and I’m sure that will lead to lower test weights. The sooner we can get that cut the less likely we are to have quality issues. The first double-crop beans were planted a week ago and you can row those now. With that rain and heat, they popped up pretty quickly and are not looking bad. The beans are really taking off growing.The rain fell over a long period. It was a nice rain. As we got closer to that four-inch mark we started to see some water running off but the ground really took it in. The wet holes still have water standing in them but if the wheat was left in the tiled ground we could have probably run yesterday.We went almost three weeks without any measurable rain. On the gravel ground the corn was getting pretty stressed. The beans weren’t growing well but it is hard to believe how they jumped out of the ground.You can’t really tell the difference between the April and May planted corn anymore. We have a bit of giant ragweed along some field edges, but overall the fields are looking petty clean. We’ll start post- spraying beans this week and we’ll be using the new technology. Two-thirds of our beans are dicamba beans.For the rest of this week’s reports, click here.last_img read more

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2017 Soybean Harvest Cab Cam – A 1967 John Deere 55EB

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ty Higgins had to stop when he saw some soybeans being harvested between Galena and Sunbury in Delaware County with two very different combines running in the same field. The one Perry Buxton was driving looked like many green and yellow combines you see this time of year. The other machine was of the same brand but, after 50 sun-faded harvests under its belt, had a slightly different shade of the iconic colors. Take a look at this Cab Cam, driven by Fennig Equipment.last_img read more

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9 days agoMan Utd keeper David De Gea won’t make Liverpool clash

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd keeper David De Gea won’t make Liverpool clashby Paul Vegas9 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United goalkeeper David De Gea’s groin injury suffered with Spain is understood not to be serious.But it is still likely to keep him out of the clash with Liverpool this weekend, says the Mirror.De Gea suffered the injury in the second-half of Spain’s 1-1 draw with Sweden in a Euro 2020 qualifier on Tuesday night, forcing him out of the game.The United goalkeeper will undergo a scan and full assessment in Manchester on Wednesday, but the early indication from those close to the 29-year-old is that it is not a serious issue.However, a groin strain, rather than a full muscle tear, could see De Gea sidelined for several weeks, ruling him out of Sunday’s visit of league leaders Liverpool, as well as next week’s Europa League tie away to Partizan Belgrade, the Premier League trio to Norwich and United’s EFL Cup tie away to Chelsea. last_img read more

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What Urban Meyer Is Most-Excited About Right Now

first_imgUrban Meyer smiles as Ohio State has historic NFL Draft.Urban Meyer.It’s not something football related.Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated wrote this feature on the state of Urban Meyer’s Ohio State football program, published today.The story talks about Meyer’s mindset heading into the season, why he likes that Michigan and Jim Harbaugh have been all over the news (and his team hasn’t) and more.The thing the 52-year-old three-time national champion is most-excited about, though, is something away from the gridiron. It’s family related.Meyer’s oldest daughter, Nicki, and her husband, Corey (a graduate assistant for Ohio State) announced earlier this summer that they’re expecting their first child in December.From SI.com:The biggest smile on Meyer’s face Monday—even bigger than when he found out Ohio State got commitments from two top receivers for the 2017 class—came when he was asked about becoming a grandfather. His daughter, Nicki, and her husband, Buckeyes staff member Corey Dennis, are expecting their first child in December. “Mama’s feet haven’t touched the ground now,” Meyer said of his wife, Shelley. “She’s out of her mind excited.”By the baby’s birth, it’ll be clear if the hushed optimism around the Buckeyes translates into loud results like in 2014. Imagine the grin on Grandpa Meyer’s face in December if the uneventful off-season translates into a quiet juggernaut on the field. At first glance, the talent is certainly there for that scenario to unfold.Nicki and Corey posted this on Instagram earlier this summer, announcing the news.You can bet on that kid being into football.Ohio State opens its 2016 season on Sept. 3 against Bowling Green at Ohio Stadium.last_img read more

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Private Pensions Industry Can Drive Higher Levels of Growth – Minister Williams

first_imgStory Highlights Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Fayval Williams, says the local private pensions industry has the potential to spur higher levels of sustainable economic growth for Jamaica.With assets totalling approximately $521 billion as at December 2017, representing about 25 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), Mrs. Williams argued that increased pension savings can positively influence economic growth by, among other things, facilitating the availability of long-term capital for investments.She said research shows that pension funds provide incentives for investment in illiquid and long-term assets that yield higher returns for pensioners, thereby helping them to stay ahead of inflation – the April out-turn for which was 3.2 per cent – with prospects of a sustainable and decent pension in retirement.The Minister was speaking at NCB Insurance Company Limited’s (NCBIC) pension seminar, which was held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston, on Tuesday (May 29) under the theme ‘Governance for Pension Funds: The Jamaican Perspective’.She noted that the Government’s ongoing disciplined fiscal stance is among the positive underlying factors that will facilitate the pension industry’s contribution to growth.She cited the introduction of forward-expenditure estimates for three additional fiscal years as at 2018/19, and the proposed establishment of a Fiscal Council that will be a key oversight pillar in Jamaica’s post-International Monetary Fund (IMF) era, as indicators that are “pointing in the right direction”.Other positive indicators include net international reserves totalling US$3.1 billion at the end of March 2018, the second highest on record following US$3.2 billion achieved last December; further projected reduction in the debt to GDP ratio to under 100 per cent by the end of the 2018/19 fiscal year, next March; sustained business and consumer confidence buoyancy; increased revenue inflows, which saw the income tax (Pay As You Earn) out-turn surpassing the 2017/18 target by $1.8 billion; an increase in newly registered taxpayers by 20,000 persons; and further reduction in domestic arrears from $21 billion to $19 billion.Mrs. Williams further highlighted an increase in the employed labour force to 1.2 million persons as at January 2018; reduction in unemployment to a record low of 9.6 per cent, with youth unemployment falling from 31.2 per cent to 23.8 per cent; and reduction in the poverty rate to 17.1 per cent.She pointed out that consequent on these and other developments, Jamaica received positive ratings from two international agencies.Standard and Poor’s affirmed its ‘B’ rating and maintained its ‘stable’ outlook for the economy, and Fitch affirmed Jamaica’s long-term local and foreign currency ‘B’ rating and revised its economic outlook for the country from ‘stable’ to ‘positive’.“These ratings confirm their positive assessment of Jamaica’s macroeconomic stabilisation programme and this Administration’s continued staunch commitment to making it (work). They are important hurdles on our path to achieving, eventually… I think… an investment grade rating,” Mrs. Williams added. With assets totalling approximately $521 billion as at December 2017, representing about 25 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), Mrs. Williams argued that increased pension savings can positively influence economic growth by, among other things, facilitating the availability of long-term capital for investments. Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Fayval Williams, says the local private pensions industry has the potential to spur higher levels of sustainable economic growth for Jamaica. She said research shows that pension funds provide incentives for investment in illiquid and long-term assets that yield higher returns for pensioners, thereby helping them to stay ahead of inflation – the April out-turn for which was 3.2 per cent – with prospects of a sustainable and decent pension in retirement.last_img read more

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Nicolas Szerszen hitting his stride for Ohio State mens volleyball

OSU sophomore Nicolas Szerszen (9) prepares to spike the ball during a match against George Mason on Jan. 15. OSU won 3-0.Credit: Courtesy of OSUNicolas Szerszen, a sophomore on the Ohio State men’s volleyball team, was named offensive player of the week by the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association for the second straight week for the week of Jan. 18.The 6-foot-4 outside attacker has been dominating on the floor amid his team’s four-game win streak. In the Jan. 22 match against Coker, Szerszen finished with 21 attacks through in the match’s three sets with a hitting percentage of .333. He also scored 18 serving points, with a .944 serving percentage.  Szerszen said it “definitely feels good” to get personal titles, but he stressed that his main focus is on the team.“If I can get titles and help them win is even better,” he said.His success, according to OSU coach Pete Hanson, comes from his growth this year compared to his freshman season. Despite starting all 30 games last season, with a year under his belt, Szerszen is beginning to hit his stride as a collegiate athlete.“What is happening with Nicolas is he is maturing,” Hanson said. “He is understanding what college volleyball is all about. He’s kind of figured it out.”Szerszen first started playing volleyball with his family when he was only 6 years old and started competing on a team around the age of 12. He has been actively partaking in his family’s love for volleyball ever since. In addition to suiting up for the Scarlet and Gray, Szerszen, whose hometown is Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, France, is a member of his country’s national team pipeline. He had made his choice to cross the Atlantic and come to Columbus to play volleyball based on his sister. His sister suited up for the OSU women’s volleyball team when she was in college from 2006-2010. In addition to his successful year on the court, he was recently accepted to the mechanical engineering major at OSU.Szerszen said the university, from the sites he walks by on a daily basis to the place where he gives it his all for his volleyball team, already holds a special place in his heart.“I like St. John Arena because it’s the place I am when I’m doing what I like, but other than that I walk through The Oval almost every morning and I think it’s a unique place to this university,” Szerszen stated.The team’s next match is scheduled for Friday in Illinois against Quincy University. After that, the next home contest is slated for Thursday against Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. read more

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It was a fantastic game of rugby league he said

first_img“It was a fantastic game of rugby league,” he said. “I saw some highlights of the Grand Final clashes over the years in the build up and it delivered for us again.“For us to come through and win, it was great. Some people pointed out we hadn’t won one in eight years so to win today was great for the players, club, the fans and town. I was very proud to watch the boys win today.“Both teams were run off their feet and we just hung on in there. It is hard to single anyone out and there were lots of good performances. It was a cracking game.”He continued: “Towards the back end of the game you could see both teams were out but I thought there was another try in the game. I was really happy with the play – Ryan Morgan made a break down the right to start it off and I think for their instinct to just say play was the right decision.“We missed a couple of chances but to their credit Wigan scrambled well.“I have been proud of the boys all season so for Wigan to get their noses in front and for us to stick to it and come through is great.”Saints are next in action on Monday when they travel to Widnes (3:05pm) before they host Hull FC on April 6.Tickets for that clash are now on sale from the Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium, by calling 01744 455 052 or online here.last_img read more

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